About Us

About Us

LoanApproval is a loan referral service in South Africa, which connects consumers to a network of leading financial providers.

Helping consumers find competitive loans in South Africa

With the large amount of loans and loan providers available, finding the perfect fit for you might not always be that simple. That is how we offer consumers assistance with finding the most suitable personal loan approval available to them. We provide valuable and informative information that helps consumers make informed financial decisions. 

Comparing loan made easy!

A loan referral service takes the hard work out of comparing loans. We give you all the information you need to compare the different loan options available to you. All the information you need in a straightforward and easy manner, making it increasingly easier to find the right loan option for you whether you're in need of short-term loan approval or a large loan for a longer term. 

Applying for loans in South Africa

We provide a city-specific loan referral service to South African consumers who are looking to apply for any type of loan. From personal loans in Durban and payday loans in Johannesburg, we offer all consumers assistance when it comes to applying for a loan in South Africa.

Why use a loan referral service to find a loan?

Access to information

A loan referral service gives you access to all the important information you need to make an informed choice when applying for personal or bad credit loan approval online. Information such as interest rates, other related fees and costs, repayment terms, total repayment costs and more are key factors to consider when choosing to right loan for your financing needs.

Get loan approval first time

By providing consumers access to all the information they require to apply for a loan does not only speed up the loan approval process but can ensure that consumers enjoy loan approval the first time that they apply. 

Most reputable lenders in SA

Our loan referral service gives you access to the most reputable lenders in South Africa. Reputable lenders follow responsible lending practices that are aligned with the national credit act.

We save you time and money

Searching for the right loan could be time consuming. But not if you use our useful quick loan approval referral service, which does all the hard work for you. We provide you with all the valuable loan related information, and we give your direct access to loan application in South Africa.

Direct access to lenders with competitive loan deals

When using our loan referral service, you are given direct access to the online loan application of South Africa‚Äôs leading financial providers. 

All you have to do is simply compare all the loan options available to you, navigate to the online loan application and apply. You could have your loan approved within minutes and the cash loan transferred on the same day.